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Ambition & Goals

“For as long as I can remember it has been my ambition not only to be a proud owner of Arabian horses and to participate in the development and perfection of it’s breeding, but also to make a contribution to the re-establishment of the bloodline in the land of it’s forefathers.”

Mohammad J. Al Marzouq
Stamp style image represent Ajmal Arabian stud

The Purpose

"My purpose is to make Ajmal Arabian Stud a sanctuary, a place of serenity dedicated to the perpetuation of beauty and excellence. An environment where the natural splendor of the Arabian horse can thrive in peace and pass on it’s inherent flawlessness to it’s descendants.”

Mohammad J. Al Marzouq
and image for Mr. Mohammad Al Marzouq with the stallion Ansata Hejazi
Stamp style image represent Ajmal Arabian stud

Eye for Quality and Perfection

Ajmal Arabian Stud has over the past years evolved from a vision to a very present reality, meticulously and tastefully engineered, constructed and landscaped and the farm, his wonderful art collection and the horses themselves all reflect Mohammad J. Al Marzouq’s discerning eye for quality and perfection.

the begening

King of Kuwait

He purchased his first Arabian horse in 1989 and founded his breeding program at the end of the 1990s. Today he truly has one of the most impressive groups of straight Egyptian horses in the world.  The Stallion power at Ajmal started with Ansata Hejazi (born 1992 - 2015) who during his period reigned as the “King of Kuwait”when it comes to stallions.

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